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Who We Are
CCS Connect Community Services
PO Box 533
Fritch, Texas 79036


One stop shop connecting people with community services.

Vision: To build community ties and safety nets to help people cycle out of poverty.

CCS Mission Statement: In partnership with our communities, the mission of CCS Connect Community Services is to connect low income or in crisis individuals and families with human services and resources to help improve their lives.


What we do:
There are three elements of CCS.  First, CCS will provide for basic needs on-site in Fritch to include a food pantry, clothing closet, and some housing/utility assistance.  Second, CCS will coordinate with other service providers and educational institutions to gain access for individuals and families to those programs and services.  Thirdly, CCS will operate a mentoring program that connects people in need with community volunteers who provide support and encouragement.