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Campaign Committee  2016/17
Hayli Young - Chair     Borger Post Office
Justine Martinez         Orion Engineered Office
Sandra Carter             Agrium
Tammy Dunham         Brock Services
Taryn Fraley               Solvay
Keegan Neil                Phillips 66
Garren Opdenhoff        Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
Misty Piazza               Golden Plains Community Hospital
Jesse Shuffeild           Xcel Energy
Candie Weber              Borger Bank of ANB

Day of Caring Committee  2016
Gary Austin                         Retiree
Curt Brancheau - Chair         Assistant District Attorney
Theron Baker                      United Supermarket
Teri Hogue                          I.O.U. Local 351
Keegan Neill                       Phillips 66
Clayton Norton                    Zachry
Garren Opdenhoff                Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
Misty Piazza                       Golden Plains Community Hospital
Rick Tindall                         Agrium
Brad Tyler                           Orion Engineered Carbons

Kick Off Cook Off Committee 2016
Dan Bair                             Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
Theron Baker                      United Supermarket
Jimmy Brown                      Agrium
Sandra Carter                      Agrium
Tom Chaney                        Pioneer Natural Resources
Tammy Dunham                  Brock Maintenance 
Michelle Griffin  Chair           ANB - Borger Branch
Danny Kirkwood                  Zachry
Justine Martinez                  Orion Engineered Carbons
Keegan Neill                        Phillips 66
Garren Opdenhoff                Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
Jesse Shuffield Chair           Xcel Energy
Candie Weber                      ANB - Borger Branch
Corey White                        Chevron Phillips Chemical Company

Community Impact Council
Hayli Young- Chair,
Candie Weber - Co-Chair
Matt Ammermon
Theron Baker
Beverly Benton
De De Conaway
Bob Layton
Jim McClellan
Patrick Nonhof
Chance Welch
Debra Wells    

Women's Council

Youth Cabinet