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Our Mission

Hutchinson County United Way's mission is to mobilize financial and human resources to help meet local human service needs.

Our Goals

  • To assess on a continuing basis the need for human-service programs in the community, and to assist in the development of new or the expansion or modification of existing human-service programs.
  • To mobize as fully as possible the finacial resources, both public and private, needed to meet the human-service needs of the community and to reduce the number of appeals for finacial support services.
  • To muster community support and commitment for the United Way through a systematic communications program which both speaks and listens to the community.
  • To manage United Way operations effectively, and to offer assistance to agencies supported by the United Way.
  • To recieve gifts and grants from public or private sources in the form of real or personal property, and to hold, invest, disperse and distripute the income and pricipal of the same in order to meet human-service needs.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in philanthropy and the non-profit area. We feel that by utilizing a wide assortment of varying perspectives rising from diversity and inclusion will allow our organization to function more effectively. Within our organization, we are committed to develop a diverse and an inclusive team to provide equal opportunities for people of all races, genders, religions, ethnicities, abilities, economic background, martial status, ages, philosophies, and veteran status in all levels of staff and voluntaries.

It is our mission to achieve a diverse and inclusive non-profit organization based on mutual respect for life experiences different from our own.  With freedom and the flexibility to embrace a broad approach to diversity while still maintaining a high level of respect for each other’s views. By increasing diversity and inclusion, we feel that we will be able to tap into a more expansive and varied thoughts, information, and perspectives that will help our organization to become more informed and creative in our approaches in assisting our communities.