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HCUW History
For many years, the current Agencies of HCUW had their own drive for funds. As the workers of the Agencies were feeling the pressure of constantly asking for funds, the donors were also seeing that they could not give to all the places asking for funding. So, in 1947 the "Community Chest" was organized.

A Board of Representatives was formed and the Chamber of Commerce was asked to help as a central place to accept the monies, and keep the records. Each agency presented a budget and workers to join the Board in outlining the campaign and distributing the money. This was soon working and the Board decided to hire an Executive Director to take care of the books and record keeping.

Soon this organization outgrew these arrangements and saw the need for professional campaign planning. Nationwide, trained fund-raisers were traveling to areas to organize the drives, and the Borger Board decided to try this. It was a big success and for several years it was shown to be a worth-while investment.

In 1968 the name was changed to Tri-City United Fund. Then in March of 1981, the named changed to Hutchinson County United Way, Inc. to coincide with the National campaign. This gives us training, the advantage of national publicity and other needed material and information.

In 2005 United Way started its annual Day of Caring. On this day members of the community volunteer their time and energy to help the elderly and the disabled with small service projects in and around their homes .

Today, HCUW raises funds for 16 Program Providers in the county. There is a 15 member volunteer Board of Directors that meets every other month at Borger Bank. The volunteer Campaign Committee consists of 10-15 members. There is one  paid part-time Executive Director.  In 2014 a part-time Executive Assistant position was created.   HCUW is a member of United Way Worldwide and United Way of Texas.

Beginning in 2014, HCUW began transitioning to Community Impact.  We are currently looking at our communities to see where we can make the most impact in changing the lives of the people we live with.  Programs will be provided to not only help people with basic needs, but to begin changing the causes that put people in times of need.  In 2015 we announced that Education will be our main initiative.  HCUW will be focusing in on funding programs that help people obtain an education that will transition them into a living wage job.