High Plains Helping Hand, Inc.

Who We Are

High Plains Helping Hand, Inc.
614 Weatherly, Borger, TX 79007
(806) 273-5601



What We Do

Our mission: Inspiring education, advancing careers, and promoting sustainable income for disadvantaged members of Hutchinson County.

Areas of assistance include: Enrolling and applying for college, applying for FAFSA, selecting college courses and navigating all aspects of attending college. We also assist with internet research for scholarships. Other areas of assistance: job applications, building a resume, renewing photo ID or drivers' license, enrolling in a driver's education course, internet access for college and job search, limited financial assistance for college and career needs. HPHH also provides budgeting classes for low income individuals.

Executive Director: April Davis

Open Monday thru Thursday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm by appointment only. 


How we Have Helped

A young man came to us for help with a birth certificate. He had never seen his birth certificate and he did not have a photo ID because of a ticket he received when he was 17 that was never taken care of and not having his birth certificate.  As we ordered his birth certificate and told him we could help with a driver's license, he started to cry and left the room for a few moments.
"I've tried for years to do this and kept hitting brick wall after brick wall," he stated.  With no driver's license, he could not even marry is girlfriend of 10 years, who was about to give birth.  HPHH was there when he received his driver's license and he messaged us the next day on Facebook.  "It felt really good to take my kids to school legally," he stated. He had never done that before, drove his kids to school without worry.  A few weeks later, our director ran into him at a store. He showed her pictures of his wedding. With a driver's license, he was finally able to marry his girlfriend.  He messaged HPHH again when his wife gave birth, and we are now helping get his GED.  HPHH changed this man's life. He's told our director that many times.  While our journey with this young man isn't over, he is one of our most successful clients.