Borger Area Learning Center

Who We Are

Borger Area Learning Center
28 Pantex Street, Borger, TX 79007
(806) 274-2381

What We Do

Borger Area Learning Center provides services for persons with mental and physical disabilities. We offer vocational training in a sheltered workshop environment. We individualize service plans to meet each client's individual needs. We provide Supported Employment for persons working in the community. We are able to assist those people who need training at home with our Supported Home Living services. We strive to provide as many opportunities as possible to enrich our client's lives, so that they might enjoy a purposeful and satisfying life as much as they are capable of having. People with disabilities are people first.
The agency mission statement is "Making lives better". The staff of the Borger Area Learning Center strive for this every day.

Open from 8am to 4pm, Monday through Friday