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Who We Are

Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains
6011 W. 45th Ave., Amarillo, TX 79109 (Main Office)
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What We Do

At Girl Scouts, we prepare girls to practice a lifetime of leadership through access to thousands of girl-led experiences, skill-building opportunities, and connections. Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains served more than 21,000 girls across 79 Texas and 3 Oklahoma counties. In Hutchinson County our staff recruit, train, and support more than 30 local troop leaders and volunteers. These volunteers provide the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to nearly 100 girls in grades Kindergarten through 12th each year. Troops participate in various activities throughout the year, including earning skill-building badges, learning financial literacy through the cookie program, and planning and implementing community service projects.

Open from 8:00am to 5:30pm Monday through Thursday and 8:00 to 11:30 on Fridays


How We Have Helped

Troop 5000 has a variety of ages, 1st graders and then 9th through 11th grade. This has actually worked out really well for the troop. When the older girls are working on a badge where something has to be taught, they teach the younger girls where they can also earn a badge by learning. For instance, the senior girls had to teach coding and the younger girls had to learn it. One of the girl's father is a robotics teacher and he taught the girls about 3D designing and all the concepts it entails. Girls were able to pick a template, then design a 3D ornament, learn a new innovative skill, and then days later come back and see the finished product.

Numerous girls in this troop come from families with financial restraints. Getting assistance from United Way has been a blessing for them to continue the program. Two girls in the troop lost their mother this year and dad couldn't afford to pay for membership without the financial assistance or the help to get signed up. "They love Girl Scouts," said Troop Leader Tonya. "Financial assistance makes the opportunity more viable for girls to be a part of the program and what it has to offer, without having to stress about the fee."

Girl Scouts has been extremely important to one young lady in this troop. Her parents are in the process of getting a divorce, which can be difficult for any kid, and this has given her an outlet. With both parents have been busy trying to figure things out, Girl Scout provides her with positive contact with other girls. She has really come out of her shell and grown especially with what she’s going through at home.