Thank you to all of our volunteers that give their time to help as committee members. You are an integral part of our continued success in the community.

Campaign Committee

Katie Lingor, Co-Chair Borger Inc.
Justine Martinez, Co-Chair Orion Engineered Carbons

Anna McCollum, Borger Bank - ANB

Monica Wagner, Borger Interbank
Dalton Dillard, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company 
Liz Mercer, Happy State Bank
Grant Griffin, Walmart                            
Kristin Griswald, Tokai Engineered Carbon
Stephanie Guilbault, Phillips 66     
Jesse Shuffield, Xcel Energy

Day of Caring Committee

Theron Baker, United Supermarket
Stephanie Guilbault, Phillips 66
Brad Tyler, Orion Engineered Carbons

Kick Off Cook Off Committee

Michelle Griffin, Chair ANB - Borger Branch

Jesse Shuffield, Chair Xcel Energy


Mental Health Taskforce


Leadership Team

Amy Blansett, Borger ISD

Amber Buchanan, Hutchinson County: Juvenile Probation

Jen Cobos, Frank Phillips College

Alex Gowdy, Twelve Roots Therapy

Julie Winters, United Way







Team Members

Matt Ammerman

Alma Armendariz

Eadie Bradford

Matt & Ellen Fulton

De De Conaway

Michelle Gray

Brandon Harris

Brianna Hudson

Kacie Kaake

Ofelia Linares

Pete Loftus


filler tex

Manuaela Lovato

Aimee Lyles

Judge Mosley

Chapin Renshaw

Jennifer Roden

Denise Schilling

Barbie Schroeder

Bill Sheldon

Elia Smith

Tiffany Smith