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2018/19 Campaign


Lead the Way


Goal:  $775,000

Raised to Date: $160,000


 Our annual United WayCampaign raises funds for our 16 Partner Agencies who provide services to different residents of our county.  We kicked off this year's campaign with our 4th Annual Cook Off on September 16th, 2017.  All of our Agencies had booths set up at the Cook Off that provided information of the services that they offer.   Please join us next year and see how your United Way Dollars are invested back into the community.  We also have began partnering with the School Districts and Frank Phillips College to help take care of the needs that might be preventing students from getting the education that they need to be a productive citizen of our county.  

Join us in Leading the Way


Your United Way Dollars at Work

$25 will buy 156 pounds of food from the Food Bank which can help a newly widowed/divorced single parent to get back on their feet.

 $50 will buy a tank of gas for an abused women to move herself & her children to a safe community.

$50 will buy a month’s supply of certain seizure medicine for an epileptic.

$50 will provide 20 meals or 20 snack packs of kids.

$60 will provide two $30 Gas Cards to help a cancer patient receive the treatment they need in Amarillo.

 $100 will provide an elderly widow with a ninety day supply of medication.

 $135 will enable a single parent to take their GED test, paving the way to attend college and obtain a higher wage to provide for his/her children.

 $150 will pay tuition for a 3 hour dual credit class for a high school senior.

 $260 will provide one nutritious lunch to 43 elderly people through Opportunity INC.

 $600 will allow one man to stay at the Biblical Wellness Center as he begins his recovery from drug or alcohol abuse.